"His knowledge is staggering and he shares it freely."

—Fred Knipp, President, Warwick Telephone

"I saw someone fall off their chair he made us laugh so hard."

—Leonard Baenen, Vice President, Institute for Human Potential

"Somehow or other, Cliff took us from confusion to clarity."

—Bruce Tsuji, Director, New Business Development, Mitel


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A practical approach to handle complexity

Consider this:

the premise

The world is speeding up. New things happen everyday that few people, if any, ever anticipated.

Do you ever wonder why that is?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by it all?

How do you handle sudden shocks and surprises in your everyday business and personal life?

AI anyone?

the talk

In this session, we will explore the world from the perspective of complexity theories.

You will learn, in a step-by-step process, where complexity comes from, the laws that govern it, and how this affects your world today and in the future.

Using amusing real life stories, Dr. Clifford Saunders will explain the reality of:

On the basis of those and other concepts, Dr. Saunders will paint a picture of the natural forces at work in our world today.

He will offer you a new tool kit of techniques to make your organizational and personal life more rewarding and successful.

the take-aways

You will leave with:

AND you will have a great time!

about the speaker

Cliff Saunders is a renowned speaker, facilitator, teacher, author and consultant to Fortune 500 corporations worldwide.

He holds a BSc in Engineering, a MSc in Applied Psychology, and a Ph.D in Cybernetics.

His life's work has been dedicated to helping large organizations solve messy, complex, intractable problems.

Today, he focuses on helping people feel and function better in their every day personal and professional lives.

For more information on this or other topics, or to book Dr. Saunders to speak, facilitate or teach for your organization in this or other areas of expertise, please contact us.