"His knowledge is staggering and he shares it freely."

—Fred Knipp, President, Warwick Telephone

"I saw someone fall off their chair he made us laugh so hard."

—Leonard Baenen, Vice President, Institute for Human Potential

"Somehow or other, Cliff took us from confusion to clarity."

—Bruce Tsuji, Director, New Business Development, Mitel


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Facilitating Cost Reduction and Cost Avoidance Workshops

course overview

This intensive course introduces the student to the methods of facilitating cost reduction and cost avoidance workshops. The material is divided into the 4 main topics of (1) theory, (2) the two principle areas of application, (3) session design and (4) practice.

Upon completing the course, the students will be ready to apply these exciting and invaluable techniques to the financial success of their own organization.

Course Objectives

learning experience

Your learning experience with this ‘Too Serious' course is designed to deliver to you a high level of interactivity and personal challenge. You will experience a richness and depth in every aspect of this engaging and practical topic. You will not be presented with static theoretical ideas, rather you will be expected to engage, decide, design, extend your skills and apply the concepts to which you will be exposed.

Course Curriculum

Defining facilitation, its theoretical underpinnings, and its relationship to product development

Distinguishing between Cost Reduction and Cost Avoidance

Establishing the scope of a workshop and the prerequisites for its success

Designing workshop flow and anticipating contingencies

Practicing how to deliver a workshop and how to spontaneously redesign the session, in mid-flow, should the need arise

Having a great time

course logistics

Skill Level Intermediate to Advanced
Number of Participants Up to 12
Duration 3 days
Course Material Developed based on student generated data
Dates and Location To be determined
Cost Varies according to number of participants
Custom Designed Courses Tailored to meet the needs of members of a same group

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